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Philanthropic Partners:

Several of the members of Home Funders are private and community-based philanthropies that support affordable housing and public policy related to housing and homelessness.

The Boston Foundation, one of the founding members of the Home Funders collaborative, just celebrated 100 years of being the primary philanthropy for Greater Boston. Its Housing and Neighborhoods strategy helps to reform the systems that impede housing production and also support place-based investment in the Fairmount Corridor of Boston.

Hyams Foundation is also a founder-member of Home Funders. It’s mission is to increase economic, racial and social justice and power within low-income communities in Boston and Chelsea, Massachusetts.

The Paul and Phyllis Fireman Charitable Foundation initiated the One Family Campaign to end family homelessness.

Highland Street Foundation was one of the founders of Home Funders.  Trustee JoAnn McGrath was instrumental in bringing together partners to create the collaborative.  Highland Street provide access and opportunities in the areas of education, housing, mentorship, health care, environment and the arts.

The Oak Foundation is based in England and has been a long-time supporter of Home Funders, with a significant grant for lending activities and also programmatic support for the Innovation Competition. Boston is one of the three U.S. cities in the Foundation’s geographic focus.

Affordable Housing and Community Development

Two organizations in Massachusetts that do significant work with affordable housing and community development are Citizen’s Housing & Planning Association and the Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporations.

The National Low Income Housing Coalition publishes an annual report on housing affordability in every jurisdiction in the country.

The Center for Budget Policy and Priorities is a research and policy institute that provides information and analysis on programs and policies at the federal and state level.

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